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Letter of Support

This government must have suddenly realized that persecuting or trying to prosecute farmers for attempting to defend their own homes and businesses from certain disaster was not a good idea even if it is against the law to defend one`s self in kanada.  A wise person once said “It is better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six”.  It is no fun being flooded and that resolve needs to be driven home in the minds of this government and anyone who supports them.  It takes years to recover from flooding and sadly some never do, but to think that some beauracrat could throw the switch again on the whim of a politician is a worry that no one should have to live with.They need to obey their own water rights laws and build a system that safeguards everyone
as no one is in the business of storing water for government.  Standing water absorbs nutrients that flushes into lakes and streams and that is what flooding does.  Water is the life blood of the earth and it needs to move for the patient to remain healthy. Flooding has caused land and soil degradation, disease and unwanted species of plants on once productive soils as well as displacing wildlife and causing an influx of beavers that further complicate the problem.

An election is on the horizon and hopefully they can hear the drums of change.