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The Flooding of Lake Manitoba, Lake St. Martin & the Dauphin River

By LMFRC member Kevin Yuill

This is the worst environmental disaster Manitoba has ever seen. We saved most homes downstream of Portage la Prairie on the Assiniboine River including Portage, Poplar Point, Elie and Winnipeg at the expense of the many homes all around Lake Manitoba, Lake St Martin and Dauphin River.

This is the largest and longest man made disruption of lives in Manitoba history, the emotional scars won’t heal over night and there were warnings it (the water) was coming.

We need to do what is right for these people which is to put in a proper channel to funnel this water out as close to the speed that it is being diverted in or make a new channel to the Red River and avoid polluting Lake Manitoba any more.

I think about the flooding that’s taking place and I think about my grandson. We want the future generations all around the province to be treated equal and doing what is right today is a good start for our future managers.

I am not saying diverting this water was wrong. I just know that this could and will happen again someday very soon and we must prepare today. Keep politics out of the decision, just get the job done now and done right.