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WFP The View from the West: Peter Schroedter

A commentary from Peter Schroedter in The View from the West in today’s Free Press.

“I am one of the people affected and even though my losses are minor compared to those who have lost everything, this government-caused flood has become the defining event in my adult life.”


Before the flood–and after: Jody Fletcher

A thoughtful, articulate commentary in the Winnipeg Free Press today.

“We have settled in a rented house in town, finally feeling a sense of gratitude for what we do have, but it is tempered with the knowledge that all is not well at home. We wait. We wait for the strong and menacing fall winds and wonder if we will survive another storm. We wait for the winter and know how vulnerable our home is to vandalism. We wait for the spring breakup and wonder if the lake will be lowered by then, and if the ice storms we fear will become reality. We wait for the time we can move back home and resume a lifestyle that has worked its way deep into our hearts in a way we had never imagined. We wait.”

Footage of flooding at Lake Manitoba

Thank you LMFRC member Kevin Yuill for sharing this footage.