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WFP The View from the West: Peter Schroedter

A commentary from Peter Schroedter in The View from the West in today’s Free Press.

“I am one of the people affected and even though my losses are minor compared to those who have lost everything, this government-caused flood has become the defining event in my adult life.”



Province to open channel, lower Lake St. Martin: WFP video

The Winnipeg Free Press has aerial video footage of the emergency channel. Includes brief interview with Premier Selinger.

Greg’s gorge nearly finished: WFP

Winnipeg Free Press story about the completion of the emergency channel.

“”It’s been an extraordinary accomplishment,” Selinger said Friday, as he and others toured the massive construction by helicopter and ground. “Everyone pulled together to get this done.”

Selinger said work on the $100-million channel will be finished on schedule, by Tuesday, allowing heavy equipment to slowly remove an earth berm that separates the mouth of the channel from a still-flooded Lake St. Martin.

That task will take about a day, but when gone it will allow about 7,000 cubic feet per second of water from Lake St. Martin to flow down the channel towards a huge marsh, where it will spread out and slowly make its way towards Lake Winnipeg.”

NDP interim leader pushes for federal funding: WFP

A brief update in the Free Press regarding NDP interim leader Nycole Termel’s visit with Premier Selinger on the weekend.

“Selinger said Ottawa has yet to respond to Manitoba’s request that the federal government pay 90 per cent of the costs of the diversion channel that will move flood waters out of the waterlogged Interlake.

“I’m very pleased that the interim leader Nycole has come to meet us from the official Opposition because we all share the same concerns. We all want to get people home as quickly as possible,” Selinger said.

Turmel said she will also put pressure on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to set up the kind of national disaster mitigation program that Manitoba is lobbying the federal government to establish.”