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Progress report from province of MB website

Today’s update from the province on the emergency channel:

  • Construction of the Lake St. Martin Emergency Channel is over 75 per cent complete and remains on track to be finished in November. However, progress on the final stage depends on weather conditions and logistical issues;
  • Once the project is completed it will result in lower levels on Lake St. Martin;
  • The Fairford Dam Structure is expected to remain open throughout the winter, which will help lower Lake Manitoba water levels;
  • Over 130 workers and 95 pieces of heavy equipment continue to work on the project. The Aboriginal employment rate on the project has ranged up to 50 per cent;
  • Ditches, dikes and temporary roads have been constructed on either side of the 6.5 kilometre outlet and most of the outlet has now been built;
  • The work site is remote and workers, equipment and supplies must be moved by boat or barge across eight kilometres of Lake St. Martin, to the site;
  • Plans are now underway, and an open tender will be issued very soon, for construction of an extended reach of the channel from Buffalo Creek to Lake Winnipeg. This will help ease spring break-up and ice jam-related flooding along the Dauphin River by diverting water more directly into Lake Winnipeg. This reach of the channel project was outlined as a possible component in the original project description and is accounted for in the initial cost estimates. Once the main portion of the channel is completed and operational in November, construction of the extended reach will begin with a goal of it being operational before the spring melt.
Visit the Lake St. Martin Emergency Channel update page here. You can also see photos and aerial footage.