About Us

The Lake Manitoba Flood Rehabilitation Committee represents 11 municipalities surrounding Lake Manitoba. It gives voice to the urgent needs of all residents and businesses for an immediate solution to the flooding. It seeks adequate and inclusive compensation for the rehabilitation of land, businesses and residential properties damaged by the man-made flooding of Lake Manitoba.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your patience as we continue to update our website.

The Lake Manitoba Flood Rehabilitiation Committee includes the following members:

Tom Teichroeb, LMFRC Chair, RM of Lakeview

Jonas (Joe) Johnson, LMFRC Co-Chair, RM of Lakeview

Phillip Thordarson, Reeve, RM of Lakeview

Bill Finney, Councillor, RM of Alonsa

Stan Asham, Reeve, RM of Alonsa

Ila Buchanan, Councillor, RM of Woodlands

Don Walsh, Reeve, RM of Woodlands

Fred Taylor, Reeve, RM of Lawrence

Diane Price, Reeve, RM of Grahamdale

Dan Meisner, Councillor, RM of Grahamdale

Blair Olafson, RM of Siglunes

Dennis Skoropata, Councillor, RM of Siglunes

Arne Lindell, Reeve, RM of Eriksdale

John Wainwright, RM of Eriksdale

Brian Sigfusson, Reeve, RM of Coldwell

Harold Hallson, Deputy Reeve, RM of Coldwell

Earle Zotter, Reeve, RM of St. Laurent

Lisa Wurm, Councillor, RM of St. Laurent

Kam Blight, Reeve, RM of Portage La Prairie

Terry Simpson, Councillor, RM of Portage La Prairie

Kevin Yuill, Councillor, RM of Portage La Prairie

Hugh Blair, Councillor, RM of Westbourne

John Skaftfeld, Councillor, RM of Westbourne

Malcolm Wild, RM of Westbourne

Ronald Moar, Councillor, Crane River First Nation

Northern Affairs: Homebrook, Peonan Point – Oli Olson, Arvid NottveitEric Olson, Kris Cook
, Aaron Olson, Ruth Zahorodny

Northern Affairs: Crane River
 – Dale Myhre
, Barbara Morrisseau
, Alfred Morrisseau (Mayor)

Northern Affairs: Waterhen – Larry Charttrand, Mayor

Northern Affairs: Meadow Portage – Ernest Michalot, Mayor

Northern Affairs : Mallard – Lorne Huhtula, Mayor

Northern Affairs: Spence Lake – Carl Sabiston, Mayor

Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners: Larry Baker, Director

Manitoba Beef Producers: Caron Clarke, Director


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