Manitoba’s NDP government keeps selling lies and breaking promises

LAKE MANITOBA – Manitoba’s NDP government lied to the media that farmers around Lake Manitoba received $300,000 for compensation on the 2011 flood.

The Lake Manitoba Flood Rehabilitation Committee obtained the actual compensation numbers through the provincial government’s finance department courtesy of the Freedom of Information Act.

“The average payment is about $70, 000,” says Tom Teichroeb, a rancher at Langruth, MB and chair of the LMFRC. “As we are all aware, the NDP government promised a ‘multi-year compensation package’ which they haven’t delivered. They lied about that too.”

Teichroeb says the NDP government promised ongoing support and a meeting with members of LMFRC in the spring of 2013. It is now mid-September and Ashton’s office has stopped communicating breaking yet another promise.
“There is reason to believe the NDP government lied about spending in excess of one billion dollars on the flood,” he says. “When calculating the numbers provided by Manitoba Finance, it is nowhere near that. It is not even close to that. More lies!!”

The LMFRC chair says the lies don’t stop there. NDP premier Greg Selinger promised not to raise taxes in the last election. Once again, he lied and broke his promise. The premier and his NDP government in fact raised the PST by 1 percent, illegally. Raising the PST requires a referendum.

Freedom of Information numbers don’t lie and neither do the facts

The Manitoba NDP government claims farmers around Lake Manitoba received $120 million dollars in 2011 in flood compensation. Further the government claims farmers received an average of $300,000.00 each. This sounds good to those distant from the flood.

“However, Finance Manitoba numbers given to us through Freedom of Information proves this to be a lie,” says Langruth hay farmer Joe Johnson. “Finance Manitoba numbers show the total MASC 2011 Lake Manitoba Flood Assistance program paid out only $101,123,554.00.”

Johnson says the real official numbers show 502 farmers and ranchers shared $34,731,934 for a average payout of $69,187 not $300,000.00 as stated by the Manitoba NDP government. He says it doesn’t stop there. Numbers obtained through Freedom of Information show beach property owners, including permanent and seasonal dwellings inside flood zone in 2011 around Lake Manitoba filed 3,918 claims sharing $66,391,708, making the average payout $16,945.

For more information, contact:
Tom Teichroeb, LMFRC Chair – P: 204-445-2319, C: 204-872-3701 E:
Joe Johnson, Hay Farmer – P: 204-445-2265,
Harry Siemens – C: 204-332-0741 E:

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