Manitoba NDP Government Drops Case

May 6, 2013 – Portage la Prairie – The Manitoba NDP government has dropped the case against Jonas Johnson aka Joe Johnson and unknowns in regards to the farmer rally on April 29 in protest of the government deciding to open the Portage Diversion and flow the water down the channel to Lake Manitoba. 

The group protested the opening of the diversion because the government had failed to compensate adequately for the 2011 flood and wanted assurance government build the channel outlet at the north end of Lake Manitoba. 

“There is nothing else against us and nothing to hold us back from holding a rally on Tuesday, May 7 at 10 AM, but at the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature,” said happy Kevin Yuill who helped organize the diversion protest. “We want to keep the pressure on because nothing has changed. We want compensation, the channel at the north end, and the diversion fixed up.” 

When the government opened the diversion, within 30 hours, the heavy flow of water breached a half a mile of the dike, flooding 150 acres of Yuill’s winter wheat and the land of some other farmers. 

During the negotiations, NDP government minister Steve Ashton agreed to a meeting with the group and Yuill wants to know when this meeting will take place Mr. Ashton. 

“We are relieved we don’t have charges against us,” he said. “We made the government back off and more people in the province are now aware of our situation. That is huge, just huge.” 

The deal, a real win for the farmers, was made with the crown, the government will not make any claims for costs and drop the case. 

“We will not interfere with the flow of water and we never were going to,” said Yuill. “They agreed to drop the lawsuit and we agreed not to go for costs.” 

Rally at the Manitoba Legislature

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th

10:00 AM

It’s Time to Stand Together

For more information call:

– Kevin Yuill – 204-856-3258

– Harry Siemens – 204-332-0741 email

Please let everyone know that the location has been changed. This is very short notice and everyone that was intending on going to the Courthouse needs to know of the changes.

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