Lake Manitoba Flood Rehabilitation Committee urges Manitoba government to build Lake Manitoba emergency drainage channel

Emergency channel will save Manitoba taxpayers billions of dollars in flood liabilities
For Immediate Release:
[The Narrows West Lodge, Lake Manitoba Feb 12, 2012] – The Lake Manitoba Flood Rehabilitation Committee [LMFRC] urges the Manitoba government to build an emergency drainage channel from Lake Manitoba to balance the inflow through the Portage Diversion.
“Lake Manitoba water levels remain above flood stage, 814.0 feet above sea level,” says committee chair Tom Teichroeb. “Governments continue to compensate flood victims for their losses in 2011, already at one billion dollars. Without an additional channel from Lake Manitoba, residents of Lake Manitoba and all taxpayers risk the financial burden of another flood of this magnitude at any time in the future.”
In a meeting with MP Robert Sopuck, Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette and MLA Stuart Briese, Agassiz, the committee discussed an emergency drainage channel for Lake Manitoba.
Sopuck said all those concerned need to look at all viable options and measures to ensure protections for Lake Manitoba Ranches, farms and properties. He said the Federal government committed last year to cost share mitigation measures taken by the province before the spring flooding. In addition the Federal government has funded the provinces flood programming through the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements with the province. “The Federal government has been there to support the province financially throughout the flood of 2011 and I hope to see some solid developments on drainage to help the ranchers, farmers, and property owners surrounding Lake Manitoba,” said Sopuck.
There is clearly a need to address the drainage of Lake Manitoba which is not adequate and the Government of Manitoba needs to address this issue promptly.
The Lake Manitoba Flood Rehabilitation Committee represents 11 municipalities surrounding Lake Manitoba. It gives voice to the urgent needs of all residents and businesses for an immediate solution to the flooding. It seeks adequate and inclusive compensation for the rehabilitation of land, businesses and residential properties damaged by the man-made flooding of Lake Manitoba.
For more information, contact: **Tom Teichroeb, LMFRC Chair – E – P 204-445-2319 **Oli Olson, LMFRC Representative – E – P 204-659-2262

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