WFP The View from the West: Peter Schroedter

A commentary from Peter Schroedter in The View from the West in today’s Free Press.

“I am one of the people affected and even though my losses are minor compared to those who have lost everything, this government-caused flood has become the defining event in my adult life.”


One response to “WFP The View from the West: Peter Schroedter

  1. I have just read through the Task Force Report and while they do address the human needs and issues in their recommendations, I noted that they stated very clearly that there “was no loss of life”. I do not understand how this claim can be made without qualifying further-do they mean drowning by flood waters and/or being killed by structures destroyed by flood waters-only? I personally know of two deaths related to sandbagging and subsequent strokes and heart attacks leading to hospititalization and even nursing home placements due to a lack of recovery.
    I would like to see a survey of debilitating or long-term health issues and deaths that have occurred among people who experienced the flood and the many processes associated with its aftermath to corrorate their statements.

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