Progress report from Province of MB website

An update today from the province on the emergency channel:

  • Construction of the Lake St. Martin Emergency Channel is on track to be completed in November, however progress on the final stage depends on weather conditions and logistical issues.
  • The roads and other infrastructure are approximately 50 percent complete and the channel is close to 20 percent finished.
  • There are over 100 workers and more than 80 pieces of heavy equipment working on the project.
  • Ditches, dikes and temporary roads have been constructed on either side of the 6.5 kilometre outlet.
  • The work site is remote and workers, equipment and supplies must be moved by boat or barge across eight kilometres of Lake St. Martin, to the site. As well, the terrain is challenging to work in and water has to be pumped out of each area, before construction can begin.
  • Once the project is finished, the Fairford Dam Structure will be able to remain open through the winter, which will help lower Lake Manitoba water levels and result in lower levels on Lake St. Martin.
Visit the Lake St. Martin Emergency Channel update page here. You can also see photos and aerial footage.

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